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Outcomes of the 2017 meeting about AT and Queen Street at The Wharf

[Last year 2017] Following the meeting between NRA’s Kevin Clarke, Jonathan Coleman MP and two senior AT staff, here are AT’s responses to the 3 resolutions carried at the Wharf meeting 22 August:

Resolution 1:

This meeting demands that AT provide at least three x 3.5m wide traffic lanes in Queen St  (two northbound, one southbound) to cover the full distance between Rodney Rd and Onewa Rd. The left Northbound lane must be a Clearway during morning peak times as at present. Carried (4 opposed, all others for)

AT Response – AT is currently investigating a couple of options to create sufficient road width to enable northbound vehicles to queue in two lines for the full length between Rodney Rd and Onewa Rd, as is currently the case. We will confirm the outcome with you once we have completed our investigation by the end of the week.       Since actioned.

Resolution 2:

That AT provides pedestrian crossings at the eastern exits of Rodney and Vincent Roads to ensure the safety of pedestrians and particularly school children. Carried/Agreed

AT Response – Following further investigation, we concur that additional crossing facilities are required for pedestrians. We are currently in the process of assessing the type of facility that is most appropriate for this in these locations. We will aim to complete this work as part of the current construction work currently underway.      Rodney Rd crossing about to proceed, after consultation.

Resolution 3:

That AT provide the community with its drawn proposals arising from the above, prior to committing to construction and that construction be halted until this issue is resolved. Carried (1 opposed, all others for)

AT Response – Drawn proposals of any changes will be shared with the Local Board, then distributed publicly.        Was actioned


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