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Northcote Residents’ Association was formed many years ago so residents could share their views and concerns about the area in which they live, and so they could speak with a bit more muscle than an individual can to bodies like councils, government agencies and the news media.

We live in a beautiful part of what overseas surveys tell us is about the third most liveable city in the world – although we know it’s number one. Auckland also rates very highly on the happiness scale.

Northshore City Libraries

The Annual General Meeting elects an Executive Committee to plan and work on its behalf. Open Forums before most Executive meetings enable members to tell Executive about new and ongoing issues, to praise, to criticise and to make suggestions. Members can also form or join workgroups to address the particular issues which affect them most. Other General Meetings can also be called when necessary – for example over Skypath, Cycleway and Auckland Transport’s Parking Plan for Northcote Point.

2021-22 Executive Members            

  • Wayne Hale  (Acting Chairman)
  • Marlena Hetherington (Secretary)
  • Anne du Temple
  • Geoff Parry (Co-opted 2022)
  • vacancy
  • vacancy
  • vacancy
  • Ian Bogue  (Consultant.  Chairman – until 1st July 2021)

Anyone wishing to be on an Issue workgroup or co-opted to the Executive should contact one of the above.

Masthead Photo

Northcote kids and parents enjoying themselves.  Kaipatiki Community Services Trust provides fun afternoons and evenings often, in the Little Shoal Bay Reserve, with truckloads of equipment.