Next open forum and executive meeting  will be the Annual General Meeting at 7pm on Tuesday 11 June 2019 in the Senior Citizens’ rooms cnr Queen and Bartley Streets, diagonally opposite the Bridgeway Theatre. Members are urged to attend to approve annual reports and financial statements, elect the Executive Committee members for the ensuing year, to present concerns and to discuss issues and possible actions with the Executive. The proposed change of rules (see Links and Documents page) will be put to the meeting for approval. Please read the proposals – reasons for changes are provided on the draft.

Nominations are called for members of the Executive Committee for the 2019-20 year. Nominations can be made to the Secretary, to the Chairman or at the Annual General Meeting. See Contact Us page.

The executive apologises that it became necessary to cancel the April meeting and forum as the Chairman had a family event overseas and the previous Chairman had a hospital event the same day. Please email with details if there was an issue you wished to raise with us at that meeting.

Subscriptions for 2019 may be paid at any time from now on.     A number of members pay these online, directly into the NRA Kiwibank account.  We encourage everyone to do so – please remember to put your name and 2019Subs in the Ref and Code fields so we can check you on our master list.The fee is $25 per person. (See Join Us page).

The last AGM of the Association was held on June 12th 2018.  NRA Minutes AGM 12JUNE2018

The promised pedestrian crossing at Rodney and Queen Streets is yet to appear after public consultation on the detailed plan. We believe continuity of safe access for children means we should push AT to provide a crossing also at Vincent and Queen. It appears that Councillors Darby and Hills after one brief site inspection recommended AT not proceed. We of course see it often. The Princess Street Goldhole Reserve is still awaiting signage from Auckland Council  to clarify public access. The planned removal of the Bartley Street Toilets is a very unpopular move as we need more toilets, not less. The Hall’s Beach toilets are a totally unsuitable alternative, difficult to access and in very poor condition. They need upgrading. The report on climate change effects on Dudding Park has now been released and is being considered by Kaipatiki Local Board. Thanks to KLB for quick installation of the sunshade over the LSB children’s playground.  [See photo on the Issues page.]

Proposed Changes to Rules    The Executive reviewed draft amendments to the Rules/Constitution in 2018. This link is to the revised draft which will be dealt with at the 2019 AGM.    NRArules change 2019 4web  Opinion on narrowing down the area we serve is not shared by the current Executive who are in favour of retaining the status quo but do favour other changes. The revision has been developed over the past eight years based on experience and suggestions from a number of members.