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Ready to start the new year’s activities?  The first Open Forum and Executive meeting will be at 7pm on Tuesday 9th February 2021 in the Northcote point Senior Citizens’ house, corner of Queen and Bartley Streets.

The Forum is open to all members or prospective members and gives an opportunity to raise new concerns and issues and check on progress with old ones. 

Subscriptions for 2020-21 are now due.  A number of members pay these online, directly into the NRA Kiwibank account.  We encourage everyone to do so – please remember to put your name and 2020Subs in the Ref and Code fields so we can check you on our master list.The fee is $25 per person. (See Join Us page).


Old news now, but the Tuesday 6 October MEET-THE-CANDIDATES meeting with Dan Bidois MP (National), Shanan Halbert (Labour) and Bill Dyet (New Conservative) was well attended, friendly and informative with many issues, questions and answers. You will know by now that as part of the national swing in support of the Labour leadership, Shanan Halbert is now our MP. NRA wishes to thank Dan for the energetic way he worked for our electorate while in office.

AGM  The 2020 Annual General Meeting was finally held at the end of the Meet-the-Candidates evening. The Chairman’s annual report was received, the financial report was adopted and the Executive members were elected. There are two vacancies. If you wish to join us, please contact the Secretary or Chairman.