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The long-awaited repairs have finally been completed, Auckland Transport tells us, but the latest Covid-19 event has delayed the opening.

NORTHERN PATHWAY (replaces Skypath, remember)

“Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency says the new design for a walking and cycling link over the Waitematā Harbour will be built as a continuous path at deck level with the Auckland Harbour Bridge, giving generations of users a seamless link between the city and the wider North Shore.    The Government is investing $360 million in the first section of the Northern Pathway as part of the $6.8 billion NZ Upgrade Programme, and construction is expected to start next year.   The new design joins together the Auckland Harbour Bridge Shared Path with SeaPath, and the Transport Agency is investigating opportunities to extend separated walking and cycling facilities all the way to Albany.”  NZTA press release 12 February.   

We did have some input into development of NZTA’s Business Plan, but the latest stage and consultation is causing serious concerns to your executive as well as to Princess Street residents whose homes are under threat.  Some of our major concerns have been met but latest planning for access ramps has been sprung on us rather suddenly. See this link

Other issues currently on our list are:

Rosie Bolt Reserve in Alfred Street has not been sold as earlier proposed by Panuku. NRA’s view is that KLB should remove excess growth and make it a pleasant place to stop and sit while walking around our beautiful area.

Public toilet provision The well-designed toilets on Jean Sampson Reserve are now in place, but sadly the Bartley Street toilets have gone. We need more public toilets, not less. The Halls Beach toilet is overdue for an upgrade.

Climate change flooding in Little Shoal Bay   Your Executive is co-operating with several other interested groups, co-ordinated by Adrian Meys. The joint working party has carried out considerable research and is pressuring Auckland Council to take the comparatively limited actions required to solve the problem. Because the bay has a clearly defined area it is achievable and will be cheaper than a do-nothing approach because that would lead to major roading costs later. Executive and a number of members took part in a walk-through-and-around information afternoon at the beginning of the summer

Over the past 3 years this has become an increasingly worrying issue, with saltwater damage to the turf on the sports ground in Dudding Park and to the Bowling Club’s greens, as well as damage to underground power connections, the foreshore, the wetlands, the Bowling Club’s clubhouse and to carparks. High tide on February 3 2018 had bowlers very worried but the kids enjoyed it.


All King tides since have caused further damage. Kaipatiki Local Board is very concerned about the possible negative effects on the community’s recreational opportunities and finally  received the AC-commissioned report on the options.  Click this link for a Newsroom article and the back arrow  <  on your browser header to return here:




Safety fencing at Stokes Point  We tried to get positive action from the bodies concerned for several years. What a pleasant surprise to see the excellent walkway and fencing provided over last summer by NZTA.

Left  Solid stuff and lovely views from NZTA and they have protected the remains of Te Onewa Pa.

Right Not such a good look for the Iwi’s part – and this is the best bit of it. Childproof??

The KLB part is better and the damaged section joint reported last year has been repaired.

Access path/steps to Little Shoal Bay* An inspection was planned by KLB in 2018 but no action has occurred.

Damage to the historic Maori Track in Little Shoal Bay* No action by KLB (no money) but residents have started planting pohutukawa, cabbage trees and flax to stop further serious erosion damage caused by children playing. The erosion accelerated after KLB/AC Parks removed protective vegetation and mowers can no longer get along to mow the path.

AT’s Parking Plan for Northcote Point It’s happened and we have a lot fewer spaces than before the Safe Cycle Path. We were right, AT were wrong, but they won anyway.


ANZAC Day with a difference

No gatherings at dawn or 10am last year. Covid-19 closed them down – but many Northcote residents were on the footpaths in front of their homes at 6am, listening to the service of remembrance on RadioNZ, and there were poppies everywhere. This selection was seen on a walk to the pub (closed) and back.


Local Body Election Result:    

Council: Chris Darby and Richard Hills

KLB: John Gillon (9810), Danielle Grant (9522), Paula Gillon (8615), Melanie Kenrick (8048), Ann Hartley (7941), Cindy Schmidt (7838), Adrian Tyler (7492), Andrew Shaw (6021)       Congratulations to those who were successful, commiserations to those who were not. Lyndsay Waugh missed out on Waitemata DHB – their loss.                 See LINKS page for full results.

Meet-the-Candidates    the meeting on 1st October was very well attended and most candidates were present, spoke for 3 minutes and answered questions. We have a very talented group of candidates for election to Kaipatiki Local Board and Auckland Council. Lyndsay Waugh is standing for the Waitemata District Health Board and also spoke. Photos: Richard Hills, Danielle Grant, Grant Gillon;  Danielle Grant;  Shannon Leilua.

FOUR WINs in 2018-19!!!

1   The left-hand lane from Rodney Road to Onewa Road in Queen Street stays   It is now easy again to access the other side of Northcote from the Point using the left-hand lane, keeping clear of the Bridge queue. Now the work and markings from Onewa to Rodney on Queen Street are complete, we have final proof that we were heard and we influenced change, so residents are no longer disadvantaged. We are grateful for Kevin Clarke’s technical input and lobbying which were instrumental in achieving this.

2   Safety at the Queen/ Stafford/ Vincent/ Rodney intersection: The pedestrian crossing we pushed for at the Queen Street end of Rodney Road is now in place after Auckland transport consulted to get feedback on their plan for it.  Of course we want a crossing at Vincent/Queen as well to make it a continuous safe walk for children and adults.

3   Tidiness and access at the Princes Street Reserve next to the Goldhole boatyard: After complaints from members and a site meeting of NRA, Boatowners and AC, cradles and rubbish on the reserve were removed. AC have been asked to put up a sign advertising pedestrian access to the reserve via the boat owners’ concrete driveway.

4   Shadesails have been installed at the LSB children’s playground: Kaipatiki Local Board Chair John Gillon informed us they would install the shadesails before Christmas, and they did. Both NRA and LSBPS lobbied KLB for this in 2017.

Noise abatement barriers on the Harbour Bridge at the Point We will resume pressure on NZTA.

The next harbour crossing  ??? W&S ???

Heritage – needs a champion. Is it you? Please volunteer.

Onepoto Basin maintenance or lack of it. Kevin Fox is a real terrier of a watchdog and is regularly holding KLB, AC and contractors to account for poor maintenance practices and breaches of traffic restrictions and safety. However, the parks maintenance contractor is now under new management and standards of that part of residents’ concerns are rising steadily. AC contractor behaviour however is not improving.

King Street Reserve  Some members expressed concerns from time to time about the status and condition of the King Street Reserve, accessed from a common driveway/right-of-way opposite King Street. The Kaipatiki Local Board had the access improved and a sign erected. This is a pleasant little reserve going down to the shoreline and is well worth a visit.